Latitudes of change

Citizen-explorers embark on a sailing adventure to Greenland to collect scientific data. They will go through a storm, explore new territories and encounter numerous whales, living their dreams to the fullest.



There are men on this earth who challenge death every day to feed their families and their souls. Between the desert and the Pacific ocean, the vertiginous cliffs are the gateway to a world dominated by nature.



Parafilms created many plankton exhibits and installations around the world collaborating with Biologist Christian Sardet. Venues such as Fondation Cartier (Paris), National Museum of Natural History (Paris), Kyotographie (Kyoto) have showcased our photos and films.


L'Appel du Golfe

This web series was filmed during the cosmic plankton expedition in the Gulf of St Lawrence. The aim is to show the maritime culture and to highlight the need for Marine Protected Areas in Québec. The first episode was launched on Ocean's Day 2020.



Around the Southern Ocean, the Antarctic Circumnavigation Expedition unites international scientists exploring the White Continent and its remote islands.


Whales and Drones

Working with marine biologists from Mingan Island Cetacean Study (MICS) in the Gulf of St-Lawrence, drones capture hi-res photos of whales to study their health.


Scientist study the impacts of climate change on phytoplankton blooms, Spring’s explosion of life in Baffin Bay, Canada.


Plankton Chronicles

Marvel at the beauty of drifting marine life through documentary films, museum exhibitions and educational content.


Parafilms :

“We create documentaries, museum exhibitions, and immersive experiences. We document, expeditions, and develop art, science and communication projects. Always curious about the mysteries of nature, we use innovative cinematography techniques to show what’s invisible.”

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Latitudes of change


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