During two major oceanographic campaigns, a team of scientists discovers the challenges of working in the High Arctic, near Baffin Bay. During the Green Edge campaign, on an ice camp and onboard The Amundsen icebreaker, their mission is to study the spring bloom, an intense proliferation of micro-algae in the ice and in the water column below it. This spectacular phenomenon, visible with satellite imagery, happens when sufficient nutrients and light converge, triggering a spectacular explosion of life, the base of the marine food web.

Through the collaboration of researchers with the Inuit community of Qikiqtarjuaq -where hunting and fishing are still vital- we witness how the locals perceive their environment and how they see the upcoming changes.

Parafilms documented the oceanographic campaigns, and created a 12-part educational series called AOA about science in the arctic.


Production : Parafilms / Laval University / CNRS
Lenght : version 46” FR, Version 52” FR, Version 23” ANG
Distribution : Film Option International


Director / Producer : Noé Sardet
Director of photography : Sharif Mirshak
Writers / Editors : Hugh John Murray, Noé Sardet
Musical composition : David Drury
Singer : Moe Clark
Original songs : “Pisuttuq” by Saali Kealan
“Soft Surrender” by Matt Schleck
Additional footage : Jean Jacques Pangrazi, Eric Brossier, Colas Wohlfahrt, Joannie Ferland, Pascaline Bourgain, Pierre Coupel, Visit Greenland
Scientific consultants : Marcel Babin, Julie Sansoulet
Inuktitut translator : Michèle Therrien
Sound Design : Daniel Provencher
Plancton footage : Parafilms and Christian Sardet
Plankton Chronicles Project, © CNRS, Parafilms
Animators : François Guinaudeau, Nicolas Didtsh, Arnaud Mariat
Research : Hugh John Murray
Assistant producer : Victorine Sentilhes
Coordination : Julie Sansoulet, Marie-Hélène Forget
English and french translations : Agnès Leprince, Dana Sardet
Color correction : Hugh John Murray