Production : Parafilms / Look Around You
Lenght : 52” Spanish version with french dubbing, 72” Spanish version with french subs, 72” Spanish version with english subs.
Distribution : PARALAY

With the collaboration of TV5


Directed by Valentin Proult, Co-directed by Noé Sardet
Produced by : Valentin Proult and Noé Sardet
Original production Chief TV5 : Josée Roberge
Camera and Editing  : Valentin Proult
Assistant Editor : Noé Sardet
Musical composition : Brian D’Oliveira and Sebastian Riquelme
Sound engineer ans sound mix La Hacienda : Christian Graham
Sound Mix : Jeremy Reid
Purunga and José Malqui voices : Luis Oliva
Grandaso voice : Valentin Proult
Gordito voice : Noé Sardet
Dialog editing : Valery Dufort-Boucher
Sound Design : Sacha Ratcliffe
Voice recording Peru : Marlon Dey
Foley Artist : Stéphane Cadotte, Genevieve Cy, Youssef Kchouk
Sound engineer Studio Harmonie : Christian St Germain
Translations : Laurence Bolduc et Lou Piensa

Thank you to Extérieur Jour for their contribution and editing suite!

There are men on this earth who challenge death dayly to feed their families and their souls. Between the desert and the Pacific ocean, in the region of Huarmey in Peru, the vertiginous cliffs are the gateway to a world dominated by wild nature, a world of adrenaline and force of which the Mariscador are part of. A film by Valentin Proult and Noé Sardet.