Islands of the Gulf of St Lawrence

Episode 1
Directed by Valentin Proult

Eukuantshit and indigenous protected areas

Episode 2
Directed by Sharif Mirshak

Whales and Mingan Island Cetacean Study

Episode 3
Directed by Noé Sardet

Cosmic plancton is an expedition of women and men who want to magnify the beauty of the St. Lawrence River and Gulf, its richness, its fragility and what remains to be explored. The expedition aimed to explore the Mingan Archipelago and Anticosti Island, areas likely to become marine protected areas. Under preastine skies, isolated from any light pollution, the explorers discovered the infinitely small of plankton and the infinitely large of the cosmos, they shared their knowledge and questioned themselves about the role of man in the universe.

The three episodes, grouped together in the Appel du Golfe series, were launched during Oceans Day, June 8, 2020, to highlight the local actorcommunities engaged in the protection of the St. Lawrence. In partnership with Parafilms, EcoMaris, MICS, FDS and SNAP-Qc, the key message of the capsules focuses on achieving the new overarching objective of 30% for 2030.

Directors/ Editors : Valentin Proult, Sharif Mirshak and Noé Sardet
Art Direction : Clément Lavedan
Music : Dexter Crowe, Halaken Records

Partners :