A group of four citizen-explorers embark on a 12,000 km sailing journey to the coast of Greenland. Coming from various backgrounds, some have come to change their lives, some are looking for a cause to defend or want to give meaning to their travels. Their mission: Collect important scientific data on marine life, focusing on whales, plankton, and microplastics. Braving storms, being far from home, the crew members unite around a common passion: the discovery of nature and the contact with whales. They will learn, grow, and experience intense emotions together in an extraordinary human adventure.

Latitudes of Change Poster

Production : Parafilms / No Water Studios
Lenght : version 52” FR
Broadcasted on TV5 Canada

Director / Editor : Richard Mardens
Original idea : Arnaud Conne & Richard Mardens
Producers : Noé Sardet & Colin Riendeau
Director of photography : Richard Mardens
Assistant Editors : Arnaud Conne & Noé Sardet

Musical composition : David Drury
Pianist : Fabienne Lucet
Sound Mix : Jeremy Reid
Colorist : Karim El Katari (MEL’s)
Chief of production TV5 : Josée Roberge