2015 Ice Camp
2016 Admundsen

Green Edge is a scientific research project that studies phytoplankton blooms in the Arctic. It is motivated by the recent discovery that micro-algae blooms may occur more extensively and more often under the ice-pack.

Green Edge contributes to the major societal challenge of efficient resource management and adaptation to climate change, through a better understanding and anticipation of environmental change. The objective is to better understand  Arctic marine ecosystems and the dynamics of the food web, and their linkages with local Inuit communities.

Green Edge is a large-scale multidisciplinary project that brings together concepts extending from oceanography to whole-ecosystems, to impact on society. The scientific program includes international labs from Canada, France and the United States and is piloted by Takuvik a joint research initiative from Université Laval and CNRS.


Arctic Bloom Documentary

Arctic Ocean Science Series