Discover the Arctic Ocean

Impacts of climate change in the arctic

Stratification and ocean circulation

Phytoplankton spring bloom

Discover the science of the Arctic Ocean and learn while having fun!
The team from the Takuvik Joint International Laboratory, through its Green Edge project, is offering an educational program to help you better understand the impact of current environmental disturbances, caused climate change and anthropogenic activity, on phytoplankton blooms and the food chain in the Arctic Ocean.


Sharif Mirshak, Noé Sardet // Directors, editors, Camera
Jean Jacques Pangrazi // Photographer
Léo Leibovici // Editor
Paul Leverd // Assistant editor
Chany Lagueux // Artistic Director
Pierre-Étienne Ruel-Biron, Marilia Beltrame // Animators
Matt Schleck // Original Music

Julie Sansoulet, Marcel Babin // Scientific coordination
Debra Christiansen Stowe // Translator
Jean-Jacques Pangrazi, Pierre Coupel // Photos
Arthur Leyrat, Isaline Jadoulle, Rachel Hussher, Julie Desriac // help with editing and creation

Ghassan Fayad // Producer
Chany Lagueux // Artistic Director
Colas Wohlfahrt // UX Designer
Elise Zamia // Project Manager
Corinne Lalande-Markon // Screenwriting of the educational activities
Jérôme Leveneur // Lead Developer
Drew Taylor // Backend Developer
Julián Rendón, Valérie Lefrançois // Integrators
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