“Thank you to all those who save seeds”
Lucio is a lonely red bean with a special gift : he can see the soul of others. While at a seed exchange event he uses his gift to find another bean and help his farmer who is having a difficult time growing beans in extreme heat. Will Lucio get over his fears and  have the courage to meet another bean?

This film was made possible with funding from USD Canada
In partnership with Planet in Focus

Directors / Producers : Jean Marc Abela, Noé Sardet
Writer : Jean Marc Abela
Art Direction : Noé Sardet
Animator : Carine Khalife
Music : Mateo Tomlinson
Voices : Senn Annis, Jean Marc Abela, Gitanjali Jain
Production Assistants : Margo Carvret, Mathilde Cormier
Studio provided by : Salman Sajun, Nomads
Big special thanks to : Sheila Petzold, Anne Mark, Jordana Aarons, Dan Jason, Salman Sajun, Reggie Ettore, Fausto Errico, Mateo Tomlinson