“Noir” by Jai Nitai Lotus off mixtape project titled “Acknowledgement”
Track Produced by Kenlo
Video Production : Parafilms + Jai Nitai Lotus 

Director/Cinematographer : Noé Sardet
Artistic Director: Jai Nitai Lotus
Assistant Director: Ariane Collman
Edited by: Noe Sardet & Jai Nitai Lotus
Assistant Cameraman: Valentin Colomba
Set Design & Creation: Krysia Sz

Production Assistant: Alison Barnes
Special Effects : Pierre-Étienne Ruel-Biron
Stylist: Nadia Bunyan (BLACK MISSION)
Calligraphy by: Nik Brovkin (overthebreaks)
Hip Hop Dancers: Jigsaw & Boogieman
Afro Cuban Dancers: Warda & Juan
Set photographer : Mariel Rosenblüth
Special Thanks to : Karine & Seb (V-Low riders), Nomads Studio, Alexis Robert, Jeremy Shantz, Music credits: Written and Performed by Jai Nitai Lotus, Vox Sambou and Sam I Am Montolla