Brion Island


Sailors, scientists, divers and seal hunters set sail for Brion Island. They all have different objectives and have a particular relashionship with Brion. Some are searching for the seal colonies to study them while others are hunting them. Some are searching for great white sharks (Carcharodon carcharias) around the Archipelago of the Magdalen Islands. All have an intimate contact with this isolated and wild place.

There are clear signs indicate the presence of sharks, including numerous seals injured and killed as victims of shark bites. While exploring this isolated island which has become an ecological reserve in the 80’s, those who set foot on the island will discover the traces of humain occupation of the island. Brion has been claimed by nature and the wildlife thrives here.

In their journey the explorers will have to face major challenges, including the Fiona hurricane which will hit the southern part Magdalen Islands and cause massive damage and erosion.

“Les prédateurs de Brion” Teaser